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Together for Each Other: Transforming South Sudan

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This toolkit promotes gender equity, participatory development, and community action by bringing women and men together to discuss how various aspects of gender impact their well-being.
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Community Empathways

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Ces cartes sont une activité conçue pour emmener les jeunes et les leaders de leur communauté dans un voyage dynamique et engageant.
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Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Women’s Empowerment Group Operational Guidelines

The Women’s Empowerment Group Operational Guidelines developed by Breakthrough ACTION in Nigeria can be used to support women’s empowerment.
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Tested Solutions for Supporting Facility-Based Delivery

Behavioral design was used to develop the package of evidence-based solutions to support women and families to follow through on their intentions to deliver in a health facility.
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SBC Checklist to Develop and Assess Costed Implementation Plans for Demand Creation

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This checklist can guide teams through the process of developing a costed implementation plan and help them determine if their activities are on track.
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Social and Behavior Change for Family Planning User Journey Tool

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This tool helps decision makers understand what drives family planning (FP) use and how they can advocate for investment in social and behavior change for FP.

Provider Behavior Ecosystem Map

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This tool helps family planning and reproductive health program designers think more holistically about provider behavior change.