Cover page of a national malaria SBC strategy document

National Malaria SBC Strategy Development Package

The National Malaria SBC Strategy Development Package includes meeting agendas for stakeholder workshops and writing retreats, guidance on data synthesis and storytelling, and national malaria SBC strategy templates.

Making the Case for Malaria SBC: Key Messages and Actionable Steps

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This document highlights nine key messages, five actionable steps, and valuable resources and evidence that make the case for investment in malaria SBC.
Nigerian men gather to look at integrated SBC referral cardsBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria
An Indonesian family sitting around a table playing a gameBreakthrough ACTION
Cover graphic showing people under the flag of South Sudan

Together for Each Other: Transforming South Sudan

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This toolkit promotes gender equity, participatory development, and community action by bringing women and men together to discuss how various aspects of gender impact their well-being.