Video still of an adult holding a toddler in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION

Finding Childhood TB Cases in Nigeria

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This video shows how Breakthrough ACTION worked with partners in Nigeria to find missing tuberculosis cases among children.
Male medicine vendor speaks with a young man in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria
Nigerian mother holding her baby sonNura Bashir Fagg/Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria

Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria Success Stories

This page documents the successes of Breakthrough ACTION’s work to improve health outcomes in Nigeria through social and behavior change.
Cover of case study on TB case notifications in Nigeria

The Role of Social and Behavior Change Interventions on the Increase in Tuberculosis Case Notification in Nigeria

This case study shows how an innovative social and behavior change campaign in Nigeria increased tuberculosis case notification by 50%.
A health care provider and a man in a pharmacy in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

SBC Flow Chart: Nigeria Tuberculosis Spotlight

This Spotlight provides an overview of how the SBC Flow Chart was applied to develop solutions to address the low TB case detection rate in Nigeria.
Phase 1 Define: Mine existing knowledge, Intent statement, Deepen understanding; Phase 2 Design & Test: Imagine, Refine, Prototype, Test; Phase 3 Apply: Implement & Monitor, Evaluate & Refine, Adapt & ScaleBreakthrough ACTION

Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart

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Using human-centered design principles, the SBC Flow Chart asks users to adopt a beginner's mind to identify new insights to solve public health problems.
USAID community volunteer provides TB prevention services in the mountains of of the PhilippinesUSAID/Flickr

Overcoming Barriers to Tuberculosis Care in the Philippines

This article summarizes research on issues related to the underutilization of clinical services for tuberculosis in the Philippines.