Five people work together around a laptop in GuineaBreakthrough ACTION Guinea
Graphic of men and women with face masks on and holding papers showing that they have received the COVID-19 vaccine

Community Dialogue Guide and Image Box to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination in Guinea

Deux outils conçus pour renforcer l'engagement communautaire et promouvoir l'acceptation du vaccin COVID-19 : le guide de dialogue communautaire et les images.
Four people work around a laptop in GuineaBreakthrough ACTION

Breakthrough ACTION Guinea Success Stories

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These success stories demonstrate Breakthrough ACTION’s positive impact on health and well-being of individuals and communities in Guinea.
Norm: Vaccination map
A Guinean man in a room with other health care agents

SBC Flow Chart: Guinea Health Service Delivery Spotlight

This Spotlight describes how the SBC Flow Chart was applied to increase motivation, ability, and opportunities among community health agents to collaborate in Guinea.
Phase 1 Define: Mine existing knowledge, Intent statement, Deepen understanding; Phase 2 Design & Test: Imagine, Refine, Prototype, Test; Phase 3 Apply: Implement & Monitor, Evaluate & Refine, Adapt & ScaleBreakthrough ACTION

Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart

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Using human-centered design principles, the SBC Flow Chart asks users to adopt a beginner's mind to identify new insights to solve public health problems.