Nearly one-quarter of all maternal deaths are associated with postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) globally. PPH remains the leading cause of maternal death in most low-income countries, requiring additional research on prevention and treatment options. In response to this challenge, USAID has complemented its longstanding efforts to accelerate reductions in maternal deaths with a one-time catalytic investment in Malawi and Madagascar called Advancing Postpartum Hemorrhage Care (APPHC).

The objective of the APPHC investment is to generate and test solutions that address key barriers to PPH prevention, detection, and treatment. USAID invested in both the Breakthrough RESEARCH and the Health Evaluation and Applied Research Development (HEARD) Projects implemented by Population Council and University Research Co., LLC, respectively.

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Programmatic research brief: Advancing Postpartum Hemorrhage Care (APPHC): Partnership Approach and Portfolio Overview

APPHC Approach in Madagascar

APPHC Approach in Malawi

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Activity Snapshot

Collaborating Partners
University Research Co., LLC, and in-country research institutions

Anticipated Timeline

Geographic Location
Madagascar and Malawi

Charlotte Warren