Health care providers in Nigeria are working to deliver client-centered care and adhering to national guidelines. However, while providers care deeply about serving clients, gaps in knowledge, misconceptions, biases, poor communication skills, inattention to client rights, and challenging work environments make it difficult for them to provide quality health services. Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria worked closely with the federal and state governments to support facility-based providers by:

  • Identifying the factors that impede and facilitate client-centered care and adherence to guidelines in varied settings across Nigeria.
  • Developing, testing, and scaling innovative, evidence-based approaches that could be adapted to varied service delivery contexts.
  • Transforming professional norms and standards in respectful maternity care, malaria in pregnancy, and fever case management.
  • Strengthening interpersonal communication/counseling capacity among providers.
  • Building trust between communities and facilities.

The resources developed by Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria can be used by service delivery and social and behavior change practitioners interested in integrating a social and behavioral lens within their work with health care professionals.

Using Behavioral Science to Uncover New Insights on Provider Behavior

Strengthening Community and Facility Relationships

Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

Leveraging Peer-to-Peer Influence to Transform Norms and Standards

Learning Briefs, Videos, and Blog Posts

Impact Stories