Trusted Messages and Messengers Contribute to Life-Saving Malaria Prevention Campaigns in Benue

Malaria is a leading cause of mortality and frequent hospitalizations among children under five in Nigeria. The disease can progress rapidly, leading to severe complications such as cerebral malaria, severe anaemia, and respiratory distress.…
Video still of an adult holding a toddler in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION

Finding Childhood TB Cases in Nigeria

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This video shows how Breakthrough ACTION worked with partners in Nigeria to improve early detection of Tuberculosis in children.

Promoting Antenatal Care Attendance and Preventing Malaria through Compound Meetings in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Breakthrough ACTION is using compound meetings to transform maternal health and malaria care mindsets and behaviors.
Follow Who Know Road Campaign video stillBreakthrough ACTION

Follow Who Know Road Campaign: Development, Implementation, and Lessons Learned

This brief describes the process of implementing a SBC video campaign in Nigeria—from developing the campaign concept to producing and airing the videos.
Male medicine vendor speaks with a young man in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria
Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Women’s Empowerment Group Operational Guidelines

The Women’s Empowerment Group Operational Guidelines developed by Breakthrough ACTION in Nigeria can be used to support women’s empowerment.
Traditional and religious leaders speak out to improve maternal and child health in Ebonyi State, NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Ebonyi’s Traditional and Religious Leaders Speak Out to Improve Maternal and Child Health

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This case study describes how Breakthrough ACTION worked with religious and traditional leaders to improve maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition.

Improving Demand Generation for COVID-19 Vaccination Through Privately Owned Community Pharmacies

Five lessons learned from Breakthrough ACTION’s work with community pharmacies to increase COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and uptake in Nigeria.
Nura Bashir Faggo/Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria

Promoting Healthy Nutrition Behaviors Through Community Mobilization in Rural Nigeria

Breakthrough ACTION works with community health workers to promote healthy nutrition behaviors in Nigeria.