The Social and Behavior Change for Service Delivery Community of Practice is a group of professionals committed to improving the practice of integrating social and behavior change (SBC) across the service continuum. Service delivery and SBC professionals work together to improve coordination between partners and apply SBC principles to service delivery activities.

The goal of this group’s efforts is to improve health outcomes by increasing service uptake, enhancing the client-provider interaction, and improving behavior change maintenance. Together, the group has developed a shared agenda outlining priorities and commitments, implementation guidance for the Circle of Care Model, an indicator bank for measuring SBC for service delivery activities, and several other knowledge products.

The group meets three times annually to share technical updates, learn from one another, and build skills. It also produces joint deliverables to advance our shared priorities.

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Community of Practice members have the opportunity to overcome the silos that separate SBC and service delivery professionals and be on the cutting edge of thinking in this field to expand the impact of reproductive health service delivery programs.

Members are invited to attend three meetings per year and contribute to joint deliverables that advance our shared priorities. If you are not already a member of the community of practice and would like to become one, you can sign up online. You do not need to be a member to attend meetings.