Social and Behavior Change 101: An Introduction [Course]

This is a skill shot—or short course—for program managers, donor organizations, and family planning/reproductive health (FP/RH) practitioners to learn how social and behavior change (SBC) interventions can guide and amplify the effectiveness of FP/RH. The course is structured around the three steps of the SBC Flow Chart developed by Breakthrough ACTION: (1) Define, (2) Design and Test, and (3) Apply. With clear examples and short exercises, this course illustrates the importance of strategically designing SBC programs for FP/RH, including monitoring and evaluation. Allowing for pauses to complete three short exercises, this course is two hours long.

This course is currently only available in English. Visit SBC Learning Central for additional courses in French and English, including Introduction au changement social et de comportement (French).

Community health worker during a home visit in Uganda.


Social and Behavior Change 101: An Introduction [Course]

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