Top 5 reasons you should attend the Reproductive Health Innovation Exchange


Written by: Ely McElwee1 and Heather Hancock2, Breakthrough ACTION

1 ideas42, 2 Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Games, counseling materials, and digital tools are just a few of the innovations you will find at the Reproductive Health Innovative Exchange! Join us in Washington, DC on July 28 to engage with state-of-the-art solutions. Here are the top five reasons you should attend:

  1. Explore and interact. During the Innovation Exchange, you can try out exciting social and behavior change (SBC) for service delivery innovations, ask questions about them, and discuss their practical applications.
  2. Learn from others. The Innovation Exchange brings together professionals from different organizations and settings, enabling you to quickly learn about a variety of solutions to pressing challenges.
  3. Find innovations to adapt. Featured innovations are not proprietary, so you can freely scale up, adapt, and use the products to fit your program’s needs.
  4. Coordinate with partners. The Innovation Exchange provides opportunities to discuss collaboration opportunities with partners to increase the impact of your activities.
  5. Spark creativity. Explore and discuss how SBC for service delivery approaches have been applied around the world to get your creative juices flowing for your own projects.

Join us for the opportunity to learn about SBC for service delivery. Space is limited, so register now!

If you do not live in the Washington, DC area or prefer to attend a virtual event, please register for the virtual Reproductive Health Innovation Exchange on August 10.

COVID Protocol: We request that all attendees be fully vaccinated and recommend the use of masks during the event. Please stay home if you are feeling sick.