A private pharmacy staff member in Ethiopia holds a pack of Lem Lem PlusAmelie Sow-Dia/Photoshare

The New Paradigm for SBC Professionals: Partnerships with the Private Sector

This blog post highlights resources to help social and behavior change professionals partner successfully with the private sector.
A Nigerian woman

Radically Reducing Maternal, Newborn, and Child Mortality in Northern Nigeria

This blog post describes how Breakthrough ACTION used human-centered design to develop solutions to reduce maternal, newborn, and child mortality in Nigeria.
Mother and baby girlSara Holbak/VectorWorks/Photoshare

Social and Behavior Change for Postpartum Family Planning

This blog post highlights how social and behavior change can be used before, during, and after services to address postpartum family planning needs.
WomenCambey Mikush/Photoshare

Accelerating Family Planning Demand Through Advanced Audience Segmentation

This blog post describes cases where advanced audience segmentation has been used to improve family planning outcomes in four West African countries.
Three Indian women looking at a smartphoneDS Panwar/Photoshare

If you liked Springboard, you’ll love the NEW Springboard

This blog post announces updates to Springboard, a platform that serves as a virtual community center for social and behavior change practitioners.
A female providers provides family planning options to a female patientCenter for Communication Programs/Photoshare

Addressing Provider’s Perspectives and Barriers through Social and Behavior Change Approaches

This blog post explores how provider behavior impact their clients’ family planning choices and introduces tools that support positive behavior change.
Women harvesting chili peppers in BangladeshSohel Parvez Haque

New Advanced Audience Segmentation Resources

This blog post discusses the benefits of advanced audience segmentation for social and behavior change and introduces related resources.
Two women wait for health services outside a health center in MozambiqueArturo Sanabria/Photoshare, 2017

HIV-Related Stigma Can Have Deadly Consequences

HIV-related Stigma can prevent people from getting tested for HIV and accessing treatment. This blog post introduces tools to help programs tackle stigma.
A female mentor provides health education to two adolescent women in the Kingdom of EswatiniKarin Schermbrucker/USAID/Flickr

Community Data for Action Platform Launch

This blog post describes an online resource that helps community leaders in Eswatini make data-informed decisions and improve their response to HIV.