Championing Rabies Prevention: Guinea’s “Super Ami des Chiens” Campaign


On September 14, 2023, the Super Ami des Chiens (Super Friend to Dogs) social and behavior change (SBC) communication campaign officially launched at the Maison de la Presse de Guinée in Conakry. Aissatou Touré, Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, inaugurated the campaign in the presence of key stakeholders and partners, marking a crucial step in the fight against rabies in Guinea.

The Urgency of the Rabies Problem in Guinea

Rabies remains a formidable global threat, causing nearly 59,000 deaths annually, with one person succumbing to the disease every 10 minutes. In Guinea, where rabies is endemic, both urban and rural populations are at risk, and children are most vulnerable. Dogs and stray cats are primary carriers of the virus, necessitating immediate measures to prevent its spread.

A Catalyst for Change

The Super Ami des Chiens multi-channel SBC campaign promotes safe interactions between children and dogs while encouraging systematic dog vaccination in Guinea. Firmly rooted in SBC theory and evidence, the campaign not only builds awareness, but also addresses behavioral determinants that impact rabies spread and awareness. Complementing ongoing national rabies vaccination efforts, the campaign employs engaging materials to raise awareness and social support for responsible dog-related behaviors and rabies prevention among children and dog owners.

Addressing Rabies and Fostering Responsibility and Empathy

Breakthrough ACTION collaborates with the Guinean government to execute comprehensive communication and awareness activities, particularly focused on children and dog owners. The campaign tackles relevant behaviors, including preventing rabies in children, vaccinating dogs, and appropriately managing bite cases within the general population.

The branded campaign introduces the concept of Super Ami des Chiens, portraying children as intelligent, friendly, and responsible toward dogs and stray cats. By actively involving children in pet vaccination and raising awareness among their friends and families, the campaign instills a culture of responsibility and empathy toward animals while combating rabies transmission.

Strategic Objectives, Innovative Methods, and Scope of a Crucial Initiative

Launched on September 14, 2023, the campaign seeks a reduction in rabies incidence in specific regions and municipalities. Key goals include promoting dog vaccination, enhancing children and dog owners’ knowledge of rabies prevention measures, discouraging children from playing with unfamiliar dogs, and providing guidance on handling dog bites. These actions lead to reducing virus transmission and saving lives.

Super Ami des Chiens” spans four administrative regions of Guinea: Conakry, Mamou, Nzérékoré, and Faranah. Operating in both urban and rural areas, the campaign collaborates closely with government vaccination initiatives. Employing various communication channels such as traditional media, social networks, mobile phone IVR messages, school educational sessions, and community dialogues, the campaign aims to reach a diverse audience. Through Super Ami des Chiens-branded comic books, cartoons, posters, billboards, and social media, as well as educational sessions in schools, the campaign seeks to change behaviors and save lives by reducing rabies prevalence in Guinea.

Moving Towards a Safer Future

Super Ami des Chiens” takes a pivotal step toward reducing rabies prevalence in Guinea and protecting human lives. By raising awareness of rabies and increasing social support for responsible pet ownership and animal interactions, Guinea can aspire to a safer future for both humans and animals. Through collective efforts, the campaign serves as a beacon of hope for a Guinea free from the threat of rabies.

Written by: Breakthrough ACTION-Guinea Team