Breakthrough RESEARCH, through work led by Avenir Health, is gathering, analyzing, and sharing evidence on the costs and impact of social and behavior change (SBC) interventions to make the case that investing in SBC is crucial for improving health and advancing development. The project is:

  • Reviewing and synthesizing existing literature on SBC program effectiveness, costs, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefit analysis.
  • Developing and piloting costing guidelines for donors, implementing organizations, and researchers for collecting and analyzing SBC cost data.
  • Developing modeling approaches to estimate SBC cost-effectiveness and cost-benefit ratios using existing country-level data.

The activity provides an evidence-based rationale for donors, policymakers, and program managers to invest in SBC and makes guidance available to program implementers in other health and development sectors to analyze the costs, cost-effectiveness, and cost-benefit of their own programs.

In addition to the full reports, Breakthrough RESEARCH partners Avenir Health and Population Reference Bureau have published a research-to-practice brief that illuminates how investment in high-quality costing of SBC interventions is crucial to the work of government ministries, donors, program implementers, and technical specialists. This brief introduces the Breakthrough RESEARCH “Guidelines for Costing of Social and Behavior Change Health Interventions” that can be utilized to plan for and optimize such investment. With support from USAID, Breakthrough RESEARCH is creating a collection of SBC costing evidence and tools to assist implementing partners and other stakeholders on how to better invest targeted SBC programming and research and evaluation for improved behavioral and health outcomes.

Currently Available Costing and Economic Evaluation Products

  • The Business Case for Investing in Social and Behavior Change (report) new
  • Guidelines for Costing Social and Behavior Change Interventions (report) new
  • The Added Value of Costing Social and Behavior Change Interventions (brief) new
  • Social and Behavior Change Business Case and Costing Webinar
  • Generating Evidence to Inform Integrated Social and Behavior Change Programming in Nigeria
  • Making the Business Case for Social and Behavior Change Programming (activity brief)