Nine Guatemalan mothers gather outside to share experiences and learn from each other

Entre Nosotras: Guide to Form Support Circles

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Esta guía presenta una metodología grupal que promueve espacios de aprendizaje donde las madres comparten experiencias entre sí para aprender entre pares.
A Guatemalan grandmother washes the hands of her grandchildBreakthrough ACTION Guatemala

Data Collected by Breakthrough ACTION to Be Useful for Decision Makers for Years to Come

In Guatemala, Breakthrough ACTION created a dashboard that local governments can use to make data-driven decisions in a variety of health areas.
Congolese mother breastfeeds her babyPitshou Budiongo

New Course Teaches Policymakers and Practitioners How to Use Behavioral Design to Improve Nutrition Outcomes

This article describes a course that offers an introduction to behavioral science and behavioral design, and how to apply these approaches to nutrition challenges.
Three people from the Breakthrough ACTION Sahel RISE II team from Burkina FasoBreakthrough ACTION

Creating a Space for Innovation and Collaboration Among French-Speaking Social and Behavior Change Professionals

Breakthrough ACTION created a space for francophone social and behavior change practitioners to collaborate during the 2022 SBCC Summit.
Mother holding bowl for child to eat fromMohamad Al-Arief/World Bank

Building Behavioral Design Skills: Conversations with Breakthrough ACTION Innovators

Breakthrough ACTION’s work to build behavioral design capacity inspired a health official in Niger to develop innovative solutions for public health challenges.
International Women’s Day in NigeriaBreakthrough ACTION

Advancing Gender Equality in Nigeria Through Women’s Empowerment Groups

This blog post celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting how women’s empowerment groups Breakthrough ACTION works with advance gender equality.
Four health providers in Sud Kivu, DRC, stand around a desk looking over papersRaissa Rwizibuka

Barriers to Feeding Young Children Well During and After Illness: Insight from the DRC

This blog post captures insights gained from Breakthrough ACTION’s work to understand the barriers caregivers face in feeding children during and after illness.
Cover of the 2019 Francophone SBC Summit Report
Workers digging to make dike repairs in Burkina FasoJHartl USAID

Applying Behavioral Design to Advance Health Outcomes by Improving Livelihoods in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso health official uses behavior design training provided by Breakthrough ACTION to improve farmer livelihoods and health.