Can Social Listening and Social Media Monitoring Benefit Your SBC Activities?

Photo credit: Merci Mon Héros Written by: Rachel Yavinsky, Martha Silva, and Leanne Dougherty, Breakthrough RESEARCH   Social media has increasingly become one of the most popular places for individuals to express their views…

Informing Social and Behavior Change Programs Using Social Listening and Social Monitoring

This brief (English and French) offers practical guidance on how to use social listening as a tool to inform social and behavior change (SBC) programs. It is intended for global and regional SBC program implementers, evaluators, and donors in…

Accelerating Family Planning Demand Through Advanced Audience Segmentation

Written by: Cori Fordham, Breakthrough ACTION Program Officer Effective social and behavior change (SBC) strategies start with a strong understanding of their audiences. SBC practitioners use a process called segmentation to analyze and divide…