Breakthrough ACTION + RESEARCH Resources from the USAID Zika Response

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Written by: Alex Reed and Reshma Naik, Breakthrough RESEARCH In 2016, USAID launched a response to prevent the transmission and spread of Zika, a once little-known virus spread through the bite of an infected Aedes aegypti mosquito, person…

Richer and Faster Data Analysis to Inform SBC Zika Program Design in an Outbreak

Written by: Anne Ballard Sara, Program Officer II; Tilly Gurman, Senior Research and Evaluation Officer; Sean Maloney, Program Officer; and Gabrielle Hunter, Zika Technical Team Lead, Breakthrough ACTION Despite the need for quick action during…

Preventing Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean

These briefs and articles contain findings and lessons learned gleaned from studies on the behavioral aspects of Zika virus prevention.