People at an interactive art exhibition in IndonesiaPKBI

Tips and Tricks from Indonesia for Designing Gender-Equitable Environments for Very Young Adolescents

Breakthrough ACTION’s partner in Indonesia shares a few tips on designing gender-equitable environments for very young adolescents.
Person using the KAP COVID Dashboard on a laptopJohns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Using the KAP COVID Dashboards to Convince the Vaccine Hesitant

This blog post introduces a dashboard public health practitioners can use to increase vaccine acceptance levels and reduce vaccination hesitancy.
Women waiting to receive antenatal counseling and checkups at a clinic in UgandaJonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment

Resources for Social and Behavior Change Advocacy in Family Planning

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These two short animations and accompanying briefs show how social and behavior change can support global- and country-level family planning goals.
KAP COVID Dashboard: Country profiles with demographic disaggregations

KAP COVID Dashboard: Trust

This page has a set of reports from a 2020 global survey on knowledge, attitudes, and practices around COVID-19. These reports focus on the element of trust.
Mother and baby girlSara Holbak/VectorWorks/Photoshare

Social and Behavior Change for Postpartum Family Planning

This blog post highlights how social and behavior change can be used before, during, and after services to address postpartum family planning needs.