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Increasing Investment in SBC for FP/RH

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This brief presents findings on behavioral barriers to increased investment in social and behavior change for family planning and reproductive health.
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Behavioral Design to Inform Social and Behavior Change for Nutrition Online Course

This free online course offers a hands-on introduction to behavioral science and behavioral design, and how these approaches can be applied to nutrition challenges.

New Course Teaches Policymakers and Practitioners How to Use Behavioral Design to Improve Nutrition Outcomes

This article describes a course that offers an introduction to behavioral science and behavioral design, and how to apply these approaches to nutrition challenges.
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Présentation de la plateforme SBC Learning Central : Une nouvelle ressource pour mettre en place une base solide de professionnels qualifiés en matière de CSC dans le monde entire

Malgré les progrès novateurs réalisés dans le domaine du changement social et de comportement (CSC), ce secteur n'a toujours pas encore attiré l'attention de nombreux leaders clés du développement et reste sous-utilisé. Breakthrough…
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Introducing SBC Learning Central: A New Resource to Create a Critical Mass of Skilled Practitioners Worldwide

SBC Learning Central courses provide foundational knowledge and skills to help public health professionals incorporate new SBC approaches and methodologies.
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Tested Solutions for Supporting Facility-Based Delivery

Breakthrough ACTION used behavioral design to develop a package of solutions to support women and their families with their facility-based delivery intentions.

Increasing the Use of Social and Behavior Change in Health Systems Strengthening: Evidence and Recommendations to Improve Primary Health Care

This Breakthrough ACTION brief summarizes findings from a literature review and consultations about using social and behavior change to strengthen health systems.

Refining Solutions for Supporting Facility-Based Delivery in Liberia

Breakthrough ACTION developed a set of behaviorally informed solutions to address barriers and facilitate facility-based delivery for women in Liberia.