Equity and malaria: Who gets prioritized when a household doesn't have enough mosquito nets?

Written by: Ashley Riley, Program Officer, Breakthrough ACTION; Gabrielle Hunter, Malaria and Zika Technical Team Lead, Breakthrough ACTION; Meei Child, Communications Officer, Breakthrough ACTION In Malawi, fewer and fewer young boys sleep…

Designing for Provider Behavior Change: Developing Solutions to Provider-side Barriers to Quality Care

Written by: Allison Schachter and Stephanie Levy, Breakthrough ACTION A growing focus on provider behavior in global health programming has generated interest in further understanding and addressing barriers to providing quality care. Breakthrough…

Reflections from the CORE Group Conference: How Does Breakthrough RESEARCH’s Work Respond to Practitioner Priorities?

Written by: Abigail Sellman, Breakthrough RESEARCH In October, I had the privilege of attending the first annual CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. This year’s conference theme was “Leverage, Link, and Learn…