A Nigerian family, comprising a mother, a young girl, a young boy, and a father, sitting on the ground.

Mothers as Agents of Household Health

In Nigeria, mothers equipped with knowledge, income, and confidence are shaping the health of their families.
Children in Burkina FasoPhotoshare
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Assessing Current Practices and Behavioral Determinants of Health Outcomes Among Women in Northern Nigeria

This page contains three infographics summarizing the results of research on health practices and behavioral determinants of health outcomes in Nigeria.

Advancing Integrated Social and Behavior Change and Provider Behavior Change Programming: Exploration of the research and learning agendas

Please join Breakthrough RESEARCH and partners for a presentation and dialogue on developing and socializing two research and learning agendas to help enhance provider behavior change and integrated social and behavior change (SBC) programming. Tremendous…
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Gender Integration in Social and Behavior Change: What does it take?

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The report and accompanying brief highlight eight promising practices for integrating gender considerations in social and behavior change interventions.
Staff at a dispensary in Tanzania speak with a woman to check her in as a new patientRachel Chilton/USAID/Flickr

Compass for SBC “Spotlight” on Breakthrough RESEARCH

This blog post introduces resources on the Compass website dedicated to social and behavior change research and evaluation products
Two providers live prototyping at YLabsYLabs
Four women speak at at the 2019 CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference in Kenya2019 CORE Group Global Health Practitioner Conference

Reflections from the CORE Group Conference: How Does Breakthrough RESEARCH’s Work Respond to Practitioner Priorities?

The blog post discusses three priorities that surfaced during a conference for health practitioners on the frontlines during discussions of community health.
A community health worker providing family planning services and options to a woman in UgandaJonathan Torgovnik/Getty Images/Images of Empowerment

Answering Critical Social and Behavior Change Questions to Advance the Field and Improve Population-Based Behavior Change

This blog post offers critical questions social and behavior change (SBC) professionals need to ask to develop effective integrated SBC programming.