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Breakthrough RESEARCH Legacy and Learning Series

This page contains research and tools on provider behavior change, integrated social and behavior change (SBC), advancing SBC measurement, and costing SBC.

Breakthrough RESEARCH Legacy Area: Costing and Cost-effectiveness of Social and Behavior Change

This resource page contains evidence-based tools social and behavior change professionals can use to analyze and estimate the cost of their activities.

Breakthrough RESEARCH Legacy Area: Integrated Social and Behavior Change and the Enabling Environment

This portfolio of evidence supports the intersection of social and behavior change (SBC) and the enabling environment for integrated SBC.

Breakthrough ACTION Liberia Newsletter

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This page contains newsletters prepared by Breakthrough ACTION-Liberia to update stakeholders on activities in a variety of health areas.
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Placing Empathy at the Heart of Provider Behavior Change: A Toolkit

This article describes how and why Breakthrough ACTION developed a toolkit that places empathy at the heart of provider behavior change.

Advancing Gender Equality in Nigeria Through Women’s Empowerment Groups

This blog post celebrates International Women’s Day by highlighting how women’s empowerment groups Breakthrough ACTION works with advance gender equality.

Adapter les techniques innovantes pour le CSC en PF/SR : ressources de Transform/PHARE

Écrit par Anne Stotler, Associée Principale, Breakthrough ACTION Le projet Transform/PHARE a développé des approches innovantes pour optimiser la programmation du changement de comportement en matière de santé et les résultats de la…

Adapting innovative techniques for SBC in FP/RH: Resources from Transform/PHARE

This blog post summarizes social and behavior change resources created by the USAID-funded Transform/PHARE project, available on the Compass.