Removing Roadblocks in a Woman’s Contraceptive Journey

This story describes how Breakthrough ACTION worked with health agencies in the Philippines to design solutions to reduce contraception discontinuation.
Family planning Q&A boxBreakthrough ACTION

Using COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey Data to Conduct Prevention and Vaccination Campaigns in the Philippines

Breakthrough ACTION used a dashboard containing real-time data from over 130 countries to design and finetune its COVID-19-related work in the Philippines.
KAP COVID Dashboard: Country profiles with demographic disaggregationsJohns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

KAPCOVID Dashboard: Trust

This page has a set of reports from a 2020 global survey on knowledge, attitudes, and practices around COVID-19. These reports focus on the element of trust.

Overcoming Barriers to Tuberculosis Care in the Philippines

This article summarizes research on issues related to the underutilization of clinical services for tuberculosis in the Philippines.

Social Behavior Change and Communication Strategies to Increase Adolescent’s Use of Family Planning in the Philippines

These two articles and an infographic summarize research on social and behavior change’s impact on family planning among adolescents in the Philippines.