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Comprehensive Formative Research on Health Beliefs, Practices, and Behaviors in Mali

This report describes the results of three phases of formative research, including a literature review, focus groups, and a quantitative exit interviews.
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Leveling the Playing Field in Nigeria Through Adalci

This blog post describes how the concept of justice was used to rally religious leaders across faiths to encourage men to support women’s health in Nigeria.
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Advancing Postpartum Hemorrhage Care Approach in Madagascar

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The research briefs and a research article on this page describe the development of solutions to prevent, detect, and treat postpartum hemorrhage in Madagascar.
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Assessing Current Practices and Behavioral Determinants of Health Outcomes Among Women in Northern Nigeria

This page contains three infographics summarizing the results of research on health practices and behavioral determinants of health outcomes in Nigeria.
A health provider stands outside a pharmacy in MadagascarMaddie Kau/ideas42

Simple Tools to Reduce Preventable Deaths During Childbirth

This blog post describes a set of behavioral science-informed tools that can help health workers in low-resource settings prevent deaths during childbirth.

Malaria—Insights for improving malaria, FP, and MCH outcomes in northwestern Nigeria through SBC programming

PHOTO CREDIT: Arne Hoel/World Bank (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0; No modifications made)   In this webinar, Breakthrough RESEARCH will share findings from its work in northwestern Nigeria related to malaria. We will present new ideational metrics…
Congolese mother breastfeeds her babyPitshou Budiongo

In Honor of World Breastfeeding Week: Interpreting Baby’s Cries

This blog post describes how insights on how the increasingly varied cries of growing infants can affect exclusive breastfeeding by their mothers.
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