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Improving health provider behavior is crucial to achieving health and development goals. Providers, including those who work in family planning, operate in complex systems, and factors such as norms, health systems, client interactions, and individuals’ own beliefs and attitudes influence provider behavior. Designing impactful, scalable, and sustainable initiatives requires a contextual understanding of both providers and the people who interact with them. The Provider Behavior Change Toolkit for Family Planning builds on the Provider Behavior Ecosystem to inspire practical solutions in these areas.

The toolkit helps users:

  1. Identify, understand, and prioritize factors influencing provider behavior.
  2. Design and implement locally appropriate, supportive provider-related initiatives that address root causes of behavior.

The toolkit guides users through an empathy-focused, four-step process that supports providers, clients, and district health teams in identifying and prioritizing the root causes of provider behavior and generating local solutions. To deliver a holistic view of provider behavior, the toolkit employs a systems lens. The toolkit also uses a multi-level approach to gather perspectives and input on provider behavior from a variety of stakeholders. It positions providers as part of the inquiry and solution development process rather than as part of the problem.

What is included in the Provider Behavior Change Toolkit?

  • Diagnostic tools to help users identify and prioritize provider-related barriers and facilitators to the delivery of quality health services in multiple contexts.
  • Synthesis tools that help users summarize information from the diagnostic process and prioritize challenges to be addressed by programmatic activities.
  • Programmatic tools that help users design and implement more effective provider-related initiatives.
  • An Instructions Booklet that guides users through the process of implementing the Toolkit

What Does the Provider Behavior Change Toolkit Do?

The Provider Behavior Change Toolkit offers users practical tools for doing the following:

  • Improving service delivery and adherence to family planning.
  • Improving the client experience and boosting trust in and demand for family planning services guidelines.
  • Increasing the adoption or maintenance of desired behaviors among clients.
  • Improving family planning and overall health outcomes.
  • Increasing provider job satisfaction.